Robbie vs Brooke

Ding ding… Robbie and Brooke circle each other. Brooke goes for a head lock but Robbie slips out of it goes behind Brooke slapped her on the butt. Brooke spinning back fist no Robbie ducks it slapped Brooke across the face. Brooke goes to a knee. Robbie screams I’m the world champion. That means I’m the best in the world. Your not in my league. As Robbie grabs Brooke whips her against the ropes Brooke comes back jumping CLOTHESLINE no Robbie moves grabs Brooke from behind back stabber connects to Brooke. Brooke holding her lower back as Robbie climbs to the middle ROPE and a beautiful elbow drop to the small of Brooke s back. Brooke yelling in pain. Robbie says what’s wrong Brooke are you in over your head? ROBBIE back up waits ON Brooke to get to her feet spear by Robbie destroyed Brooke. Brooke is out cut in half. Done toast. Robbie picks up Brooke spanks her booty then says it’s time to might the tightest booty in the business flabby butt. Whips Brooke off the ropes rear view connects to Brooke s face face full speed. Robbie smiles as she pays Brooke s booty as the ref counts 1..2..3.. The world champion Robbie wins in convincing fashion. Showing everyone she is rolling as champion who can stop her comment below. 


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