Robbie vs Jennifer world championship match

Ding ding… Robbie comes out with a big forearm to Jennifer s face. Jennifer stumbled backwards. She bounces off the ropes goes for a big right hand to Robbie e face. But Robbie ducks it then Robbie blasted Jennifer in the mouth big right hand. Oh man Jennifer s tooth fly out. Jennifer goes to a knee. Robbie bounces off the ropes flying butt attack hits Jennifer right in the nose. Really Jennifer s nose is broke its sideways on her face. Robbie grabs Jennifer s head and pounds right hands on her face. Jennifer s eyes are both black. Then a 5 th right hand knocking Jennifer out cold. The ref jumps in helping the former world champion. Then raising the hand of the new world champion Robbie. That gold looks great around the tiny waist of Robbie. She celebrates with the fans as Jennifer is broken in the ring. 



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