Carrie vs Hayden prettiest face championship


Ding ding… Hayden charges Carrie goes for a drop kick and she hits it. Carrie launched into the corner TURNBUCKLE. Hayden with a running knee to the face of Carrie. Hayden then climbs to the top rope grabs Carrie by the hair extreme makeover connects. Carrie is face down not moving an inch. Hayden plays the drum s on Carrie s booty. The crowd booing her out of the building. Hayden just smiles and picks Carrie up whips her against the ropes and levels Carrie with a big boot to the face. Hayden then with a spring board moonsault to Carrie. Carrie is being absolutely hammered tonight. Hayden lifts up Carrie oh boy locks lips with Carrie and then a spinning back fist to the face of Carrie. Carrie is out flat on her back. Hayden says one more thing Carrie as she picks her up package pile driver connects. Holy crap Carrie just crapped herself. The fans can’t believe one of their favorite s has been destroyed and humiliated like this as Hayden pushes down on Carrie s chest to pin her 1..2..3.. Hayden Panettiere is your first ever prettiest face champion. As she owned the beautiful blonde known as Carrie Underwood. 


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