Kelly vs Kristal best chest championship

Ding ding… Kristal and Kelly lock up. Kelly forces Kristal back in to the corner. Kelly chopping away at Kristal s chest. Then picks her up too the top TURNBUCKLE. Kelly goes up with her goes for a Frankensteiner and she hits it no Kristal hangs on to the top rope and oh my goodness Kelly Kelly lands right on her head and knee. The ref checking on Kelly Kelly. He throws up the x sign immediately calling for the doctors. Kristal not having it picks up a damaged Kelly Kelly holy crap tombstone pile driver connects. Kristal covers Kelly’s  rack with her and rubs Kelly s booty as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Kristal is your new best rack champion as she took advantage of an injured Kelly Kelly. But all that matters is Kristal is top of the rack ranking. That championship looks great on her shoulder. The doctor s later on say Kelly had a serious sprained neck and will be out of action for a while. 


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